14 Meeting Etiquette Rules Every Professional Needs To Know

Meeting EtiquetteMike Nudelman / Business InsiderDon’t be the only one eating.

You probably dread work meetings. Most people do.

But there’s a good chance you’re required to attend them from time to time. And when you do — no matter how much you don’t want to be there — it’s important that you conduct yourself in the most respectful and professional manner, as you’ll most likely be surrounded by coworkers, bosses, and current or prospective clients.

That means you need to show up on time, come prepared, and avoid looking at your phone. If broken, these simple rules of meeting professionalism may seriously damage your reputation.

To get a better idea of how to maintain a positive, professional image while in a meeting, we reached out to Barbara Pachter, a career coach and author of “The Essentials Of Business Etiquette.” Here’s what she said.

This is an update of an article written by Vivian Giang.

1. Be on time.

Make sure you arrive on time, says Pachter. You don't want to waste anyone else's time by not being punctual.

'Leaders need to start on time so people can depend on that,' she tells Business Insider.

5. Have a strong agenda.

If you're the one running the meeting, it's imperative that you have a good, strong agenda so that you can stay on track. If you do get off track, you should have a strong facilitator to get you back on track, says Pachter.

13. Clean up after yourself.

This is especially true if you were drinking or eating during the meeting. You need to clean up after yourself and leave things the way you found them, says Pachter. It's rude, and not professional, to leave a mess.

Now check out the unwritten rules of texting:

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