Meet True Action, Where Rubber Meets The Road


Making the cash register ring is the number one goal of marketing. Or at least it should be, according to the people at True Action. As a division of eBay, True Action is a true expert in commerce – specializing in helping marketers achieve that number one goal of increased sales.

Starting from the transaction itself, True Action reverse-engineers the sales process to make your marketing investment work. They figure if you can’t measure it, optimise it and quantify it, then you shouldn’t do it.

In an industry that once gave “creatives” all the credit — think of Mad Men — True Action believes that marketers can now use technology to engage and convert customers, and that this is where the real creativity happens today. It doesn’t try to make TV ads for the Internet or apply direct mail tactics to retargeting. Instead, it capitalises on the same kind of ideas busting out of innovative commerce hotbeds like its parent company, eBay.

Consumer behaviour is changing as we increasingly use our mobile devices to connect and to shop. Couch commerce, digital wallets, and showrooming apps are booming in response to this new consumer behaviour. As mobile infiltrates commerce, every interaction essentially becomes an opportunity to purchase, eliminating the gap between brand engagement and the actual buying experience. True Action calls this the Commerce Effect™, and believes it’s changing the way brand and consumers connect.

Cool theory, but True Action puts its beliefs into practice: it gets paid for performance. Clients see an average ROI greater than 12 to 1. True Action drove more than $2 billion in sales in 2011 for its clients, via 12 million orders and 500 million visits to client sites.

Find out why True Action is one of the fastest growing digital and performance marketing agencies in the business, and what it can do for you.

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