Meet The White Collar Crime Specialist Investigating Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson

Terry BirdTerry Bird is the one with the gun

Yahoo’s board has hired an outside lawyer, Terry Bird, to get to the bottom of CEO Scott Thompson’s misleading resume.(For years, Thompson’s bio said he had a computer science degree, when in fact, he does not.)

Who is Bird?

Briefly: He went to Stanford for undergrad and UCLA for his law degree. He was an assistant US attorney. He’s a white collar crime specialist.

Here’s his official bio:

Terry W. Bird – Principal

Terry Bird has been litigating, trying and winning complicated civil and white collar criminal cases for more than 37 years. He started his trial experience as a federal prosecutor in the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s Office. Before that, he clerked for the California Court of Appeal. His extensive and successful trial experience in commercial business litigation and white collar criminal prosecutions has been recognised by his election to the American College of Trial Lawyers and his selection as one of the top 100 lawyers in Southern California.

As a civil litigator, Terry has represented some of the largest corporations in the country, as well as their top executives. He has litigated for and against the largest Fortune 500 corporations. His civil practice centres on the defence of all forms of commercial litigation and class actions including contract, fraud, RICO, employment, unfair competition and breach of warranty matters.

As a white collar defence attorney, Terry has concentrated in securities, mail fraud, tax, customs, government fraud and antitrust cases. He has represented defendants in some of the most prominent prosecutions and/or inquiries in the country. His clients have included executives at internet, telecommunications and power and energy companies, as well as key participants in IPO securities investigations. Terry has headed several corporate internal investigations to aid prominent companies and/or their boards of directors in the exercise of their fiduciary duties to their shareholders. As part of that work he has served as counsel to special litigation committees of prominent technology companies.

Throughout his career, Terry has maintained a close relationship with the courts and judiciary. He served as one of 10 lawyers on the Ninth Circuit Advisory Board (2002-05) and then served as Chair of the Advisory Board (2005-2006). He also served on President George W. Bush’s Judicial Advisory Committee and as such was one of six lawyers responsible for selecting candidates for the Central District of California’s federal bench and its United States Attorney (2001-2008). He has twice served as Chairman of the Central District of California Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference (1990; 2000) and once as Chairman of the Lawyer Representatives Coordinating Committee for the entire Circuit (1991-92).

• California (1970)

• University of California, Los Angeles, J.D. (1970)
• Stanford University, B.A. (1967)

Past Positions
• Assistant United States Attorney (1972-1977)
• Law Clerk, California Court of Appeals, Second District 
• Special Counsel, Alaska Public Utilities Commission (1977-1985) (1970-1972)

Selected Publications/Reported Decisions
• Author: “Shooting Holes in the Shell Game with Expert 
Testimony,” Association of Business Trial Lawyers Report, Vol. 16, 
No. 2, February 1994.

Other Affiliations/Activities 
• Member, Board of Directors of People Assisting the Homeless (P.A.T.H.)

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