Meet T-Mobile's Gorgeous Girl In Pink: 23-Year-Old Carly Foulkes

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The T-Mobile girl is more than just a pink dress.Her name is Carly Foulkes, and the graphic novel-reading, skateboard-loving, video-game playing, 23-year-old isn’t your typical model/actress/whatever.

Since she took over for Catherine Zeta-Jones as the T-Mobile spokesperson in 2010, Americans have gotten to know her as the feminine side of the technology world. But did you know that she doesn’t even have a Facebook account?

We took a look past her cell phone plan.

Foulkes is from our neighbour to the North.

According the description on her Twitter handle, 'I am Canadian. Embrace it. Love it. ...Please:)'

The province? Again, according to her Twitter, 'Your mums house.'

Foulkes was born to British parents who raised her in Toronto. She spent her summers in the UK.

Nobody likes you when you're 23.

Foulkes was born on August 4, 1988, which makes her a Leo. According to an interview with My Daily, she was distressed when false rumours spread last year that the astrological calendar had shifted.

If we are going to take the whole astrology thing seriously, being a Leo means Foulkes can be a little melodramatic and vain, but she is also ambitious, encouraging, and loyal.

Ok, but seriously, what's she like?

Carly Foulkes loves to skateboard.

She also loves playing video games.

She enjoys reading graphic novels.

If all the high school boys around the world haven't already gotten down on one knee, here's the kicker:

She has a sister who is also a model.

Foulkes' younger sister Kimmy is a model with Sutherland Models.

Before she was the T-Mobile girl ...

Carly started modelling in Toronto when she was 13 years old.

She has been used in print campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Artistry Cosmetics, Express, Gilly Hicks, Kohls, Macys, Neiman Marcus, Rugby by Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Some poses have been more scandalous than others.

... She was a cover model.

Foulkes has also been featured on the cover of Elle Mexico.

And then T-Mobile happened.

She doesn't have a Facebook page ...

... but she does have a cactus named Pete.

But can she sing?

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, who has directed several episodes of 'Glee,' gathered 100 magenta-wearing women to serenade a Chicago mall for a holiday surprise.

While Foulkes wasn't a featured singer, she did dance around a bit. Since then, Foulkes has pledged to take vocal lessons in Los Angeles. Maybe next year?

Watch the video below:

She doesn't like pink.

Even though Foulkes is now famous for wearing pink dresses as the T-Mobile girl, you won't find that colour in her closet.

Foulkes told My Daily she far prefers black; most of her clothing comes from All Saints or Urban Outfitters.

Don't get her wrong, she still thinks that Debra LeClair, the T-Mobile stylist, is amazing.

What else has she been in?

Thus far, Foulkes has shot two other projects: an obscure short film titled 'The Blanket' and a TV pilot based on the graphic novel Powers.

The show's co-creator and writer Brian Michael Bendis cast Foulkes as the first character to get murdered in the show. 'She's the Princess Di of the Powers World,' Bendis said.

Even though Foulkes might not get a lot of screen time, she will be the face of the series' billboards and advertisements ... that is, if the show ever airs. While the FX pilot wasn't picked up, there's still a chance it will go straight to DVD.

What the future holds for Carly

Although Foulkes is currently only known for her career as the T-Mobile girl, don't be surprised if you start seeing her in more than just commercial breaks.

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