Meet The Soon-To-Be Groupon Billionaires

andrew mason

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Groupon filed for a $750 million IPO today.The S1 filing assumes that there will be about 296 million shares floated as of June 11, but doesn’t reveal how Groupon expects those shares to be priced — those details will be worked out by the bankers closer to the IPO date.

But the company was reportedly looking for a valuation of $25 billion back in March.

So assuming this is still true, here are the big winners from the IPO.

Accel Partners: $1.4 billion

Accel put $30 million into the company back in December 2009 and owns 5.6% of the common shares. Partner Kevin Efrusy (pictured here) sits on Groupon's board.

Robert Solomon, who left the president job in March: 6.8% of shares worth $1.7 billion

Cofounder Brad Keywell: $1.7 billion.

His 6.9% stake is actually owned by an entity called Rugger Ventures, which is owned by his wife and children. He also owns some extra-voting Class B shares.

Cofounder and CEO Andrew Mason: $1.9 billion.

He has 7.7% of the common stock, and also owns 41.7% of the extra-voting Class B shares, giving him solid control over the company.

CityDeal: $2.6 billion

Groupon acquired this German clone, founded by Germany's Samwer brothers (pictured here) in March 2010. It still has about 10.3% of Groupon's shares.

New Enterprise Associates, led by Dick Kramlich, invested early and owns 14.7% of the stock worth $3.7 billion.

Eric Lefkofsky: $5.4 billion

He put the initial seed investment into the company and owns 21.6% of its common shares, plus 41.7% of the extra-voting Class B shares.

What about these other big investors?

Yuri Milner (pictured here) led a late investment round into the company, but received only about 1.6 million shares of preferred Class G stock. Those convert to common shares at a ratio of 2 to 1, giving him about 1% of the company -- not bad, but not in the billion-dollar range.

Other big investors with around 1% include Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, Andreessen Horowitz, and Maverick Capital.

Battery Ventures was widely reported as a big investors, but has only about 700,000 shares of Class G stock, translating to less than 0.5% of the company.

Who are these guys and what are they up to next?

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