11 Apple Execs Hellbent On Destroying Google

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After enjoying one of the coziest relationships in the Valley for years, Apple and Google are increasingly rivals.

The two companies are fighting across all divisions, but the battle is most intense in the mobile arena.

Apple is the iPhone company. The iPhone now generates more revenue than any other part of the business. It’s also paving the way for the iPad, which Apple hopes will be its next big business.

In Steve Jobs’ mind, Google wants to “kill the iPhone.” Which essentially means, Steve Jobs thinks Google wants to kill Apple. (Though the companies are still partners in other areas, like search and maps.)

To keep on top, Apple’s executives will have to make sure its product remains sharp. And it will move into new industries where Google operates — like mobile advertising.

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  • Steve Jobs is the commander
  • Scott Forstall is in charge of iPhone Software
  • Andy Miller is going to get Apple into mobile advertising
  • Brian Croll keeps Apple software super rad
  • Eddy Cue is in charge of the Internet
  • Isabel Mahe is a big wireless engineer
  • Phil Schiller is one of the most important execs
  • Michael Fenger is getting wireless deals done
  • Michael Tchao is in charge of the iPad
  • Adrian Perica is the deals man
  • Tim Cook keeps it all working

Steve Jobs is the commander

Apple's battle with Google starts at the top. Steve Jobs riled up the troops by declaring Google's 'don't be evil mantra' a load of B.S. If he tells the troops to hate Google, the troops are going to hate Google.

Scott Forstall is in charge of iPhone software

Scott Forstall is the SVP of iPhone software. Apple's iPhone software is still considerably better than Android. It's Scott's job to make sure it stays that way.

According to a source we spoke with, Scott has 'no love lost for Google,' and 'feels like ideas were stolen from Apple by people that went to Google.'

Andy Miller will try to turn mobile ads into a huge business

Andy Miller is the VP of Mobile Advertising. He is going to lead Apple's attempt to disrupt Google's core business -- advertising.

Andy is the newest addition to Apple's battle with Google. He came to the company from Quattro Wireless. Quattro was Apple's second acquisition choice after AdMob -- which Google grabbed, and contributed greatly to Apple's animosity towards Google, from what we hear.

Brian Croll is in charge of keeping Apple software awesome

Brian Croll is a VP of software marketing. If Apple were to build its own Maps or search engine, we're told it would come out of his shop. It's his job to keep Apple's software looking fresher than Google's.

He also worked on the negotiations with Google over the map data.

Image: 9 to 5 Mac

Eddy Cue keeps iTunes on point

Eddy Cue ran iTunes for years before being promoted to lead Apple's Internet division. Eddy is in charge of iTunes, the App Store and MobileMe. He's leading Apple's charge into cloud computing. He has to make sure everything works well together.

Google's mobile operations are pretty much all cloud-based, so Eddy has to make sure Apple's are better. Eddy is working with Bill Nguyen, who came to Apple from its acquisition of Lala, on building an iTunes in the cloud.

Isabel Mahe heads up wireless technology

Isabel Mahe is VP of wireless software engineering, who came to Apple from Palm.

She is in charge of a wide variety of tasks for the iPhone from GPS code to Bluetooth. She is in charge of making sure the iPhone is better than anything Google can produce.

Phil Schiller hammers out deals

Phil Schiller is the product marketing boss, so he's doing a lot.

From hammering out contracts with Google to protecting the App Store, Phil is a key executive in Apple's battle with Google.

When developers started bad-mouthing the App Store, Phil addressed the issues head-on in a BusinessWeek interview. Since then, complaints about the store have been minimal. Apple's App Store is the most important mobile asset it has after its iPhone OS.

Michael Fenger will get Apple in more countries

Michael Fenger comes to Apple from Motorola, and he reports to Tim Cook. He'll be negotiating international deals for Apple's iPhone. This is key for Apple. Executives recently remarked they want to be in more countries. Right now Apple is in 86 countries, while rivals are in 160.

The smartphone war with Google is a platform war. To dominate the platform, Apple needs to be on as many carriers in the world as possible.

Michael Tchao is responsible for the iPad

Michael Tchao is VP marketing for the iPad. He joins the company from Nike, and was once in charge of the Apple Newton.

The iPad is obviously a huge new product for Apple. If it's as successful as Apple thinks it will be, you can bet a few Android based tablets will be on the market. Michael has to make sure none of them are better than the iPad.

Tim Cook keeps it all working

Tim Cook keeps the trains running on time at Apple. He's not a visionary like Steve Jobs, instead he's the guy in charge of executing the plans. When it's time for the next iPhone to be rolled out, Tim will make sure its in stores on time with as few errors as possible. Tim also deals with wireless carriers.

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