Meet The Employees Set To Make Bank On A TheLadders IPO

TheLadders employees


New York City startup — job board for the wealthy — is a huge business, set to hit $100 million in revenue this year.An IPO — or perhaps a cash injection from DST — can’t be far off. Any employees who have been around long enough to have an equity stake are due for a huge payday.

Founder and CEO Marc Cenedella recently published a photo tour of TheLadders’ downtown office. We’ve got the highlights right here.

TheLadders are based out of 137 Varick St

The front door opens on this spacious lobby.

Ana Nicole, Angela, and Marina recruit for TheLadders.

Laura is in the Enterprise Marketing group.

Tracy and Michael from Job Search Support work with users like you.

Russ, formerly in charge of the Resume team, is now the Director of Inside Sales. TheLadders says it likes to move people around different ends of its business.

These folks are all resume analysts and Certified Professional Resume Writers

Brian, head of the IT department

Did we mention that a lot of people work at TheLadders?

Matthew Rothenberg and the content team write articles and put together infographics.

Meeting time at TheLadders

Marcy chats with a co-worker in the resume department.

Stuart, also from the resume team.

Gennady and the database team, standing guard over the data of 2 million users

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