Meet The NFL Cornerback Turned Investment Firm CEO

eugene profit

Stories about NFL retirees are usually heartbreaking.

Many former players are broke because they mismanaged their money early in life. Others are disabled because of the brutal nature of the game.

But Damon Hack at Sports Illustrated has a different sort of tale today about former Washington Redskins cornerback Eugene Profit.

From Hack:

“Since embarking on a business career after a torn hamstring forced him out of football in 1991, Profit has thrived in the world of money management, building Profit Investment Management from $100,000 at its creation in 1996 to $2 billion in assets under management today.”

Profit majored in economics at Yale, where he became “fascinated with the study of money and capital flows.” So his background is significantly different from most NFL players. But the transition from CB to CEO is still pretty remarkable.

Here’s Profit’s take on the lockout:

“I think, to some extent, the players have a good strategy. I also certainly understand the business side of [owners] wanting to control labour costs. But what’s missing is the fans’ frustration or the bars and restaurants that will lose money. When you only look at it as millionaires versus billionaires, those other issues get lost.”

Red Hack’s whole column here.

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