Meet The New Valleywag, Ryan Tate


Our sources weren’t wrong — Gawker night editor Ryan Tate will replace Owen Thomas to become the new Valleywag, Gawker editor Gabriel Synder announced.

When we caught up with Ryan over AIM, the new ‘wag explained his plans for the site, which has been a column on since January:

Owen’s done an impressive job of breaking news on the Valleywag beat. We want to extend a process he’s already started, which is to focus on the bigger personalities and the narratives with not just a Valley interest but with a national appeal as well.

Curious to find out more about the new guy who will be terrorizing startup wantrepreneurs and tech titans alike? Stalk him on on:

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  • Flickr
  • His old tech blog
  • His old restaurants blog

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