Meet The New Truthers Who Think Western Powers Faked The Cheonan Shipwreck To Start WW3


The newest breed of Truthers thinks America, Israel, and the Vatican faked the Cheonan shipwreck to instigate WW3.

Interestingly, a similar claim was put out by Kim Jong-il.

We came to a simpler conclusion: rogue state North Korea sunk the Cheonan and now they’re getting away scot-free.

Truthers started a long string of theories at the Google Group called Sunken South Korean ship has more inconsistencies than the plane flying into the Pentagon on 9/11.

This is the ship the Media said was torpedoed

... torpedoed and SPLIT IN TWO

Media claimed to have found the Cheonan stern floating near the NK border

But did it really split in two?

Media referred to this ship as the Cheonan

Clearly the Cheonan was not split in two... but wait, why is part of the boat covered up?

Were they trying to hide the ship's number, which they forgot to change on the fake Cheonan?

We're not even sure what this photo is

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