This NCAA Basketball Star Just Landed An Internship At Goldman Sachs

Mark CouryMark Coury

Mark Coury, a forward for Cornell University’s basketball team, scored a summer internship at Goldman this year, according to Bloomberg.Coury is a finance major (3.88 GPA) who transferred to the Ivy League school from Kentucky after his sophomore year.

He’s got a big game coming up: the NCAA semi finals against his old team, Kentucky, who are favoured to win 2:1.

This guy is total Goldman material. Coury is already making Goldman his #1 priority, saying he cares most about the internship right now.

“Right now, I’m concentrating on the internship this summer,” Coury told Bloomberg. “I need to see what fits me the best and if I want to pursue it as a career.”

On top of that, a former Kentucky teammate says all he does is study. He wouldn’t ever go out with the boys. Also he’s really smart, kind of reserved, but always there for you.

Here’s the video. He only talks about Mark in the first few seconds and then starting at 2:00.

Jonathan Blankfein, meet your new best friend! This guy knows what its like to be in the spotlight.

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