Meet The Man With The Chillest Job At Steve Cohen's SAC


Sam Evans has, by far, the best job at Steve Cohen’s hedge fund SAC. He golfs all day.

Evans, who’s 6’4” with a 7 handicap, was hired because he’s a desirable golf partner who’s worked in finance for years (most recently at Deutsche Bank), so he knows what he’s talking about – and what to listen for.

According to Reuters, almost everyone has played with him already (including Bill Clinton) and everyone who hasn’t, wants to.

He’s played with the heads of hundreds of companies, all of which SAC puts on a “no-trading” list for a set period of time after their golf outing with Evans.

A former SAC Capital employee familiar with the golf outings said shares of companies whose executives attend a golf outing that Evans has either arranged or co-sponsored are put on a “restricted list” — meaning the stock can’t be traded for a set period of time.

Evans is so lucky. He’s not even a professional golfer.

He’s a former college swimmer and baseball player at American University [who] did not take up golf until graduate school. Standing approximately 6’4″ inches tall, he is said to be ambidextrous, able to throw and write with both hands.

Read all about him in Reuters >

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