Meet Greece's Judge Dredd Of Finance Who Thinks He Can Defeat The Debt Burden


Meet Greece’s new debt executioner, the man all of Europe is depending on.

You need to ‘clench your teeth and get down to business’, but “it’s doable, and that’s why I’m here. There is no room for emotion.”

It’s one man vs. 300 billion euros and an entire nation of entrenched special interests:

Der Spiegel:

It is the most thankless job that exists in Greece these days: Petros Christodoulou, the new head of the Public Debt Management Agency, in Athens, has been tasked with guiding his country out of debt. He has already charted his course on the 300 billion euro voyage and says “there’s no room for emotion.”

When Petros Christodoulou sits at his desk, his gaze inevitably falls on a relic of better days. To him, it must feel like a reminder of a laudable achievement gone wrong — and a warning. A neatly framed certificate perched on the windowsill across the room reads: “Best Government Borrower.” It was an award bestowed upon the Athens government in 2007 by the British financial newspaper EuroWeek.

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