Meet The Man Who Bought Jamie Dimon's House, Michael Polsky

Michael Polsky is the new owner of Jamie Dimon’s Chicago mansion, sold at half of its original asking price, $6.95 million, says Crain’s.

We can’t find a record of these two ever working together, so it’s not as cool as buying the boss’ house, something Goldman’s Bryce Markus and David Tepper both did, but we’re guessing that crowning yourself king of Dimon’s old mans still feels pretty awesome.

Polsky, the founder, President and CEO of Invenergy, was able to afford the place after he made his money in the energy business. An energy company he founded, SkyGen, was sold to Calpine. Now he’s investing in alternative energy. Invenergy owns a number of wind farms. 

He’s also well-known because in 2007, he had to pay the biggest divorce settlement ever at the time, $184 million, to his ex-wife Maya Polsky, an artist.

Check out his new digs >

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