How To Meet The iPhone Ballerina

We gather that we’re not the only ones with a mild curiosity about Kristin Sloan, better known as Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone Ballerina. So for those of you who’d like to meet her in person, here’s where to find her Tuesday night…

Kristin, we hear, will be attending the Glasshouse’s quarterly(ish) panel discussion/high-end schmooze, which starts at 6:30 Tuesday night We’ve been to one previous Glasshouse event, and found it to be a nice mix of semi-highfalutin’ talk and straightahead networking; there’s a good cross-section of media, tech and entrepreneur-types. Topic dujour is design, and it’s being hosted by architect David Rockwell at his firm’s Union Square offices.

The catch: There’s a $75 entrance fee, and admission is by guest-list only. The good news: You can probably still get in if you ping them tonight, or maybe even Tuesday am.

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