Meet The Guy That Goldman Is Really Pissed They Pitched The Facebook Deal To

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In Silicon Valley he’s known as the billionaire that started Netscape and designed a computer chip that was able to process 3-D images in real time.In Australia, he’s known as that old dude that married Aussie swimsuit model, Kristy Hinze.

At Goldman Sachs, Jim Clark is that loaded private wealth client they wish they’d never pitched the Facebook opportunity to.

Clark is a doctor and computer scientist who has founded several notable tech companies, though the one for which he is best known is Netscape.

The Texas-born billionaire dropped out of high school after being suspended, and then spent four years in the Navy.

Why was he suspended from school? Because he ignited a smoke bomb on a bus; once smuggled a skunk into a school dance; and the final straw – he told an English teacher to go to hell.

Despite his lack of high school diploma, after taking night courses at Tulane, he managed to get himself a spot at the University of New Orleans.

There he earned a B.A, and eventually a Master’s degree in physics. He go his PhD in computer science from the University of Utah.

In 1982, Clark and a group of graduate students he had taught at Stanford, with funding from a Silicon Valley VC, started Silicon Graphics – “the most successful company in Silicon Valley at the time.”

While working at the National centre for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) in ’93, he pioneered the development of NCSA Mosaic – aka the first widely distributed, easy-to-use software for browsing the web.

A year later, he co-founded Netscape, which went public a year later, sending him into the wealth stratosphere.

He was the subject of Michael Lewis’ “The New New Thing,” and a noted philanthropist – he’s been a major donor to Stanford.

In 2009, after three previous marriages, he married swimsuit model Krisy Hinze. She’s 36 years his junior, and hosts the Australian version of Project Runway. And her parent’s couldn’t stand him at first, because of the age gap.

He’s also passionate sailor and owns several high-tech sailboats that he has helped to design, including one called Hyperion.

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