Meet The Guy Dominating YouTube With Cat Videos

, a 27-year-old “viral filmmaker” and creator of the “Mean Kitty Song” (nearly 10 million views since September), is dominating Google’s (GOOG) YouTube once again. This time he’s posted a series of videos, “Choose Your Path” that form a choose-your-own-adventure-type story that Williams uploaded five days ago. Your task? Help Williams find his cat — yes, the same “Mean Kitty” feline — Sparta.

There are 64 videos in the series, according to Williams. TubeMogul says the first has been the No. 3 video on the Web over the past few days (No. 2 was Weezer’s Pork and Beans and No. 1 was a soon-to-be-infamous scene from a coming Brittany Snow movie). Williams has 24 of the top 50 videos over the past few days and dozens more in the top 200.

What’s Williams’ secret? Certainly not a compelling storyline. Actually, we have no idea what Williams’ secret is, except that he understands that people kill time on YouTube, and they like cats, and they’re just looking for something — anything — to do.

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