Meet The Glencore Trader Who’s Trying To Buy The Mets

Ray Bartoszek buying the Mets

A rumour about a Glencore trader’s minority share sale of the New York Mets is making waves.

As The Post reports this morning, the current deal involves a group led by a former Glencore commodities trader, Ray Bartoszek, that would buy would purchase 49% of the franchise for roughly $200 million.

Glencore, whose UK-record $10 billion IPO launched last week, is one of the world’s premier energy traders and Bartoszek was once responsible for the company’s entire oil trading operation.

As a result of his time at Glencore, Bartoszek’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $5 billion.
In addition, Bartoszek’s interest would seem to be a little more than financial as the Greenwich, CT resident is a member of a local softball team and an avowed, life-long Mets fan.

Could a Mets showdown in Greenwich be near?

Remember hedge fund manager Steve Cohen was recently rumoured to be in talks to purchase a large stake in The Mets (but those talks apparently broke down over Cohen’s growing disinterest in buying a minority stake of the team and Wilpon’s unwillingness to offer a majority stake).

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