This Hedge Fund Manager Ditched Finance And Now He's Lady Gaga's Social Media Guru

matthew michaelson

Photo: AP

Lady Gaga has entertained financiers aplenty, but there’s one financier that’s more special to her than the rest: Matt Michelsen.Michelsen was a hedge fund manager before he co-founded trading technology firm UNX.

Then in 2008, the phone rang at Michelsen’s house.

At the end of the line was 50 Cent, who was actually calling for Michelsens wife about her 3D eyewear company, according to Businessweek.

For whatever reason, his wife passed the phone along to Matt and the pair became friends.

Then his relationship with Lady Gaga was born, after 50 Cent introduced Michaelson to her manager Troy Carter, Gaga’s manager.

Now Michaelsen’s blueprint site manages her “Little Monsters” fans online, and he’s become known in California circles as a social media guru for the stars. 

According to Businessweek,

Carter had been looking for a way to unify Gaga’s “Little Monster” fans online. Michelsen, now 39, introduced Carter to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Joe Lonsdale and Alex Moore. The group subsequently founded the Backplane, an online platform that allows fans to build all-encompassing e-communities.

With seven figures in startup costs coming out of Michelsen’s pocket, the Palo Alto company has 12 employees, and, he says, is in talks with Eminem, Justin Bieber, and the National Football League. Its most important client, however, remains Gaga.

He graduated from Rhode Island University.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he founded Embarcadero Securitiesn in 1999. “The firm merged with UNX, Inc. in 2002 and spun off its asset management platform becoming Stonehaven LLC.”

Now, in addition to linking up Lady Gaga nation, Michelsen is also training for the triathlon Ironman race in Kona, Hawaii.

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