Here's How A Credit Suisse Banker Ended Up Planning Exotic Travel Adventures For Over $1,000 A Day

The Beach


Emmanuel Burgio’ career trajectory was typical to that of a successful financial professional—he was born in Europe, educated at London’s prestigious LSE and then worked in the US for the mergers group of Credit Suisse.Then, he threw it all away to backpack around the world and decided to start his own “bespoke travel service,” offering high-end travelling experiences in South America customised by the customers, according to a recent profile of him in Forbes Life.

Burgio started the company, Blue Parallel in 2002, taking inspiration from the line “Welcome to a parallel universe” in the Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Beach,’ according to 100 Thousand Club. He told the magazine that he essentially wanted to create another universe for his clients.

“The original idea was to take executives who were short on time—that would be my ex-bosses—but expected the very best,” says Burgio, 34, whose clientele has included top brass at Goldman Sachs, Fortress
Investment Group, Costco, and Altria. “They want a very personalised, intimate approach.”

Ironically, the clients Burgio serves are most likely his former colleagues. He charges over $1,000 per day per person for his consulting services. But for that, anything is the customer’s wish—one time, a client wanted to go kayaking in Uruguay on Christmas. Burgio delivered the kayaks along with a high-end companion: Norberto Méndez, an Olympian who want rowed for the Argentine team, according to Forbes.

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