Meet The Family Who Instagrams Their Life On The Road

Meet the Works family.

In 2011, Josh, Jessa, and their son Jack left everything they knew behind and chose to purchase an Airstream bus to travel the country.

They saw it all from the comfort of their tiny, mobile home. From the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Southern California, it seemed that the Works family had managed to experience everything the USA had to offer.

And they captured it all on their incredible Instagram feed.

Now, nearly four years later, they’re starting a new chapter in a Kansas farmhouse. Goodbye, Airstream! We’ve covered the Works clan in the past, now let’s take a look at some of the best photos from their travels. 

Say hi to Jessa and Jack Works! Dad Josh is behind the camera.

In 2011, the newlyweds got a little restless.

They wanted to do something different and change up their routine. They also wanted to see the country with their son in tow.

So that's what they did. The couple purchased a 27-foot Airstream bus, and hit the road.

They spent 18 months planning their big move.

They had to take a lot of things into consideration, including money, health insurance, and education for their son.

But it was well worth it -- the Works trio became somewhat of a professional travelling family, and inspired many others to do the same along the way.

Thanks to Instagram and social media, Josh and Jessa were able to share all of their travels with anyone who wanted to follow along.

They even bought a drone to take aerial shots of all of the places they toured.

Jack has grown up on the road. His parents brag that he's a great traveller, and knows how to set up and break down camp as well as they do!

This is a shot the family captured of mussels at low tide.

Their Instagram account is chock-full of images of the wide, open road.

It's enough to make anyone want to ditch their desk job and head out on the highway.

We just thought this was a hilarious photo.

This is how Jack spent the 4th of July, his parents said. At the Grand Canyon!

Their Airstream bus is truly their home.

The family has maintained a few traditions. Every year, they 'measure' Jack at Kansas' Tuttle Creek Spillway.

After a few months on the road, the family realised they didn't need much to be comfortable and happy.

From the snowy mountains... the valleys... the beaches, the Works family has experienced something most families never will.

But they just announced recently via Instagram that they're onto a new chapter in their lives.

They're leaving behind the Airstream bus.

And moving into Josh's late Grandmother's farmhouse in Kansas.

But the family says they're still having adventures...

And they will keep documenting on Instagram.

And who knows, maybe the Airstream bus will make a day.

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