These Ships Have Russia Considering A Missile Strike Against Europe


Photo: US Navy

The Navy is deploying four Guided Missile destroyers to Rota, Spain to serve as an integral part of the European defence Shield.The shield has been riling up Russia since it was announced, and in May the Kremlin came out and said it was not ruling out a first strike against the NATO shield in Europe.

Not long after the strike was threatened a story came out saying that Obama would release classified data on the shield to the Russians in an effort to calm them down. 

No word on that yet, but then again, we know Obama wants to wait until after the election to assuage Russian concerns.

In the meantime, we took a look at the four destroyers headed over to Spain — the USS Ross, USS Porter, USS Carney and the USS Cook that riled the Russian’s up in the first place.

The USS Ross was commissioned in 1997 and has almost 300 crew

The Ross is 505 feet long and weighs around 9,000 tons full

In 2009 the Missile defence Agency announced that the Ross would be upgraded to hold the advanced Standard Missile-3

In addition to the missiles that the ship carries, the Carney also has a landing pad for an anti-submarine helicopter

The Ross — like the 62 other ships in the Arleigh Burk class of destroyers — cost around $1.8 billion

This is the USS Carney, the oldest of the ships being sent to Spain

Seen from the mast here, the Carney was commissioned in 1996

One USS Carney tradition is the playing of National Anthem on guitar after each underway replenishment

In the back here, the Carney launches a coordinated volley of vertically-launched missiles

The ship also has a five inch gun which poses a massive threat to nearby enemies

The USS Cook, seen here receiving fuel on-the-go, was commissioned in 1998

The ship was one of the first to come to the aid of USS Cole — another Arleigh Burk-class destroyer — after it was damaged in a suicide attack by al Qaeda operatives in 2000

Here, the Cook fires a torpedo as part of an exercise

The ship is seen here firing Tomahawk missiles into Iraq in April, 2003

The ship was part of the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group

The USS Porter in the foreground — is the youngest ship of the four being sent to Spain and was commissioned in 1999

an SA330 Puma lands on the Porter's helipad for personnel transfer

In 2007 the Porter sank two pirate boats off the coast of Somalia that were attacking an oil tanker

The ship carries 90 Tomahawk missile, which can be launched from the vertical launch system

On August 12, 2012 the Porter collided with a Japanese Oil Tanker near the Strait of Hormuz and will be in Dubai for repairs for the time being

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