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As a hardware company, Apple faces the nightmarish task of managing a supply chain for all of its devices, including chips, cases and every other part of the phone.Luckily, Tim Cook is quite good at managing deals and supply chains, and as a result Apple has a supply chain that is literally years ahead of the competition.

Bloomberg has compiled a lot of data about Motorola’s suppliers on the Bloomberg terminal. It shows just how important some of those suppliers now are to Googorola.

16. Hitachi, a manufacturer of hard drives, accounts for about 0.79% of Apple's costs of goods sold, according to Bloomberg data.

15. Apple buys a bunch of parts from Renesas Electronics, a semiconductor manufacturer. Renesas accounts for about 0.95% of Apple's costs of goods sold.

14. Sumitomo Chemicals develops chemicals and optical materials. It amounts to 1.07% of Apple's costs.

13. Qualcomm designs chip that let phones tap into a wireless network, and accounts for 1.13% of Apple's costs.

12. Texas Instruments, another chip-maker, accounts for 1.25% of its costs.

11. Broadcom, a developer of wireless chips, accounts for 1.31% of Apple's cost of goods sold, according to data from Bloomberg.

10. SK Hynix manufactures flash memory and RAM. It amounts to about 1.34% of Apple's costs.

9. Sony makes all sorts of electronics, including televisions and processors. It amounts to 1.4% of Apple's costs.

8. Steve Wozniak's new company, Fusion-io, is a developer of flash memory technology. It makes up 1.4% of Apple's costs.

6. Google also makes up a fraction of Apple's costs. It accounts for 2.16% of Apple's costs of goods sold.

5. Quanta is a notebook and electric component manufacturer. It makes up 2.39% of Apple's costs.

4. Intel, a chip-maker, also accounts for 2.79% of Apple's costs.

3. Pegatron develops components for electronics, like the iPhone. It makes up 5.27% of Apple's costs.

2. Samsung, a chip-maker, accounts for 16.68% of Apple's costs.

1. Foxconn accounts for a whopping 40.86% of Apple's cost of goods sold, according to data from Bloomberg.

Apple isn't the only one managing a supply chain...

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