Meet the Canadian Army's new 'live' mascot

Juno canadian armyCanadian Army via TwitterJuno, Canada’s Army’s new living mascot.

A five month old, 20 some odd pound polar bear cub took the name of Juno, and was named as the new living mascot of the Canadian Army on Thursday, according to CBC News.

The bear, born on November 11, 2015, or Remembrance Day, Canada’s version of Memorial day, was named Juno after the hundreds of Canadian soldiers who were killed or wounded during the 1944 allied storming of Juno beach on D-Day.

“We are proud and happy to adopt Juno to the army today, and to promote her immediately to the rank of private,” said Brigadier General David Patterson of the bear.

“Polar bears are brave, strong, resilient, tenacious, agile and more than capable of defending themselves, just like our Canadian soldiers,” said Patterson.

Juno will live with his mother at the Toronto zoo, and will join her in the exhibit starting on February 27. 

Watch video of the Toronto zoo and Canadian Army’s announcement below:

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