Meet The Beautiful Pooches That Are Vying For 'Best In Show' At The Westminster Dog Show

Westminsiter Dog Show 2012, puppies, dogs

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

The massive crowd funneled through the back corridors of Madison Square Garden, pushing and shoving all with the same goal in mind: getting a look at the cute dogs.The 136th Annual West Minister Kennel Club Dog Show brought out the best of the breeds yesterday and today at Madison Square Garden, ahead of tonight’s crowning of “Best in Show.”

Behind the scenes we caught a glimpse of all the pampering that these dogs go through to try and earn a title. There were more blow-dryers and hair brushes than at Fashion Week

This dog has great posture.

This is no average police dog.

Isn't he adorable?

This pup is begging for more treats.

The dogs each had their own grooming station.

This Great Dane is larger than its owner.

This one is adorable. We found out a trick that some owners put chalk in their dogs' coats to make them appear whiter.

We love the colour of this dog's fur.

Hey there!

This owner loves her dog so much, she got in the cage to keep him company.

This poor guy can't see.

Owners were trimming their pets' coats backstage.

He looks like a sad guy.

This dog was very calm considering how much was going on backstage.

We couldn't get over how white this dog's coat was.

The Wolf Pack.

This dog needed a fan to keep him cool.

His fur looks like silk.

This West Highland White Terrier can't see either.

This is a Newfoundland named CJ.

This dog happily frolicked on the sidelines.

He just devoured a delicious treat.

What's going on with his ears?

This is a great pose.

He was trying to give the camera a kiss.

More grooming.

This Cairn Terrier was very lively.

Another very pretty dog.

Some dogs were so famous they had their own caricatures.

Then it was time for the competition.

Around they go!

Time to get up on display.

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