Meet The AOLers Who Got Options For Christmas

Christmas arrived early this year for the following AOLers. They’ve been granted stock and options:

  • CEO Tim Armstrong
  • CFO Artie Minson
  • EVP of Communications Tricia Primrose
  • General Counsel Ira Parker

See how much this “fab four” found in their stockings →

Photo: allerleirau

CEO Tim Armstrong

AOL's board granted Tim 339,335 shares of AOL along with the option to buy 469,466 shares at a strike price of $11.90. The stock grant is already worth ~$7.8 million, the options, ~$5.1 million.

CFO Artie Minson

The board granted AOL's much admired CFO, Artie Minson, 360,000 options and 112,000 restricted stock units. The options aren't worth anything yet, as their strike price will be set at market close on December 31. They'll vest over a four year period. The RSUs, which vest on on December 31, 2012 and December 31, 2013, are worth $2.5 million.

Tricia Primrose Wallace – Executive Vice President, Communications

Tricia's options (76,923 shares) and restrict stock units (also 76,923) vest on the same schedule. The RSUs would be worth $1.7 million today.

General Council Ira Parker

Ira gets 115,385 options and 115,385 restricted stock units, which will vest on the same schedule as Artie and Tricia's. Ira's RSU would be worth $2.65 million today.

So, who got stiffed?

Here are some names you might be surprised to not see on this list:

AOL Media boss Bill Wilson, Jeff Levick, Brad Garlinghouse, Jon Brod, etc -- We couldn't find these guys in the SEC filings. But that is because they are not officers of the company. We're sure they got options.

CTO Ted Cahall -- Update: Ted is not on this list because while he's CTO now, he was not a 'named officer' te last time AOL had to declare them, on December 31, 2008. We understand he received options.

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