Meet The 22-Year Old Goldman Trader Who Is The Youngest Ever Financial News "Rising Star"

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Photo: AP

Every year the Financial News makes a list of 100 Rising Stars, the 100 best financiers under 40 based in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.This year, 22-year old Jan Sramek broke the record for the youngest Rising Star ever. He was nominated last year before he even graduated.

Check out the resume on his LinkedIn profile. It’s no wonder Sramek considered somewhat of a prodigy in the UK.

He co-authored a book, is an Olympic-hopeful in handball, graduated with a first class degree from the London School of Economics, and turned down offers from several hedge funds to start trading in emerging markets at Goldman.

On earning his first degree from LSE, he said in an interview last year

“I tend to find lectures too slowly paced and not a very efficient way of learning, same applies for classes – so I don’t attend too many. 2-3 weeks before the exams, I sit down, focus and learn everything properly. I got a First, so it seems to work.”

@sramek tweeted once he heard the news,

“Financial News just named me one of the Rising Stars of European Financial Markets under 40- the youngest one ever :) !”

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