Meet the 15-year-old "Anti-Bieber" who's on the frontlines of the youth-led climate movement

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is an indigenous climate activist, hip-hop artist, and he’s on the frontlines of a youth-led environmental movement. He’s also only 15 years old.

Since age six, this “anti-Bieber” has spoken for schools, conferences and events around the world to engage people in the climate change movement. He spoke to the United Nations General Assembly in June, urging the representatives to take immediate action.

Martinez is also the Youth Director of Earth Guardians, a non-profit organisation committed to promoting a youth-led environmental movement. After the short film, “Kid Warrior,” produced by Purpose and BLKFLM, was released in April, Earth Guardians experienced a spike in global engagement, growing from 60 crews of environmentally committed teens in 24 countries to over 400 crews in 50 countries.

Earth Guardians has launched an online pledge to be a climate leader, which Xiuhtezcatl plans to deliver with a million signatures to world leaders at COP21 in December.

Story and editing by Chelsea Pineda.

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