Meet The 10 Oldest People In The World

Oldest Living People

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One of the most exclusive clubs in the world are the ranks of the supercentenarian. These are people who are at least 110 years old. Given the average life span in the U.S. is just under 78.5 years, outliving the national average by over 30 years is pretty impressive.According to a closely monitored Wikipedia page, there are just 71 verified living supercentenerians around the world. Nine of the 10 oldest living people are women and five of them live in Japan, four in the U.S. 

10) Elsie Thompson, United States

Born on April 5, 1899.

On date of publication, she was 113 years, 119 days old.

This Floridian loves chicken, salmon, coffee, cookies and singing old church hymns.

9) Maria Redaelli-Granoli, Italy

Born on April 3, 1899.

On date of publication, she was 113 years, 121 days old.

An Italian who never really liked noodles, Redaelli is still in good health and enjoys watching variety shows.

8) Ichi Ishida, Japan

Born on January 15, 1899

On date of publication, she was 113 years, 200 days old.

She currently resides in Tokyo.

7) Hatsue Ono, Japan

Born on October 31, 1898

On date of publication, she was 113 years, 276 days old.

Ono's Japanese surroundings are rich in lush greenery and abundant with seafood, which could be two secrets to her long life.

6) Mamie Rearden, United States

Born on September 7, 1898.

On date of publication, she was 113 years, 330 days old.

The oldest black person in the world, Rearden began her teaching career in 1918 and didn't get her driver's licence until age 65. Her secret to long life? 'Treat others as you want to be treated.'

5) Kame Nakamura, Japan

Born on March 8, 1898.

On date of publication she was 114 years, 147 days old.

A native of Okinawa, many of their residents live long lives helped by a mainly vegetarian diet.

4) Misawo Okawa, Japan

Born on March 5, 1898

On date of publication, she was 114 years, 150 days old.

Okawa was not revealed by Japanese authorities until September 2011 as one of the world's oldest people.

3) Jiroemon Kimura, Japan

Born on April 19, 1897

On date of publication, she was 115 years, 105 days old.

The oldest living man in the world, Kimura still enjoys watching parlimentary debates on TV and credits his longevity to small portions of food.

2) Dina Manfredini, United States

Born on April 4, 1897

On date of publication, she was 115 years, 120 days old.

In December 2011, Manfredini became the oldest Italian person in history. She cleaned houses until she was 90, but she lied about her age so people wouldn't worry that she was too old to work.

1) Besse Cooper, United States

Born on August 26, 1896

On date of publication, she was 115 years, 342 days old.

Cooper became the world's oldest living person on January 31, 2011 and attributes her longevity to avoiding junk food and minding her own business. Words to live by, literally.

America's oldest general store recently closed its doors.

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