Meet Renault's Electric Prototype: The Kangoo be bop Z.E. (PHOTOS)


French automaker, Renault took the wraps off the prototype of its electric car, the Kangoo be bop Z.E.

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It’s powered by lithium-ion batteries produced by AESC  (Automotive Electric Supply Corporation), a Nissan-NEC joint venture, and gets 100 km (61 miles) on a single charge. The batteries are stuffed under the dashboard, to save space elsewhere in the car.

The press release is loaded with all the specs on the car, save for the most important number–the price. Makes sense, the car isn’t supposed to roll out until 2011.

The company does say this about its new car, “Renault’s zero emission (on the road), silent-running electric vehicles will incontestably break new ground, while at the same being affordable for the majority of road users.”

Really? We’d like to contest that it breaks new ground, but only to disprove that statement. So, here it goes: This car does not break new ground, it’s just like other electric cars. See? It is contestable.

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Here’s the specs:


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