Details Leak About The Secret Startup From Napster Founder Sean Fanning And Dave Morin

screenshot from closed beta of

Last night, ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick published screenshots of, the new startup from Napster Founder Sean Fanning and ex-Facebooker Dave Morin.

The company is in stealth mode, and has not said much about what it intends to do or when it will open up its product (now in closed beta) to the public.

The screenshots, taken from Google’s cache, indicate that is a social networking tool for the creation and sharing of lists. Users create lists (“people I’d like to meet”, “”best coffee in San Francisco”, etc.) and share them with the network. shows what other users have created lists with the same name, and what items appear most frequently across all of them.

The closed beta has a number of notable testers, including EA’s Robert Kissinger, Creative Commons’ Joi Ito, and LinkedIn’s Jordan Mendelson. seems like it could be a popular social tool, but it’s not clear from what has leaked why this needs to be a standalone network, rather than just another Facebook application or feature. The company’s founders say they aren’t even sure what their final product will look like, however, so it’s far too early to count this out.

Founding is the second recent change to Dave Morin’s life. The other? A merger with Googler Brittany Bohnet.

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