Meet Our New Partners in Egyptian Government

This from the Los Angeles Times:

Photo: Al-Jazeera

The Obama Administration said for the first time that it supports a role for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned Islamist organisation, in a reformed Egyptian government.

The organisation must reject violence and recognise democratic goals if the U.S. is to be comfortable with it taking part in the government, the White House said. But by even setting conditions for the involvement of such nonsecular groups, the administration took a surprise step in the midst of the crisis that has enveloped Egypt for the last week.

The statement was an acknowledgment that any popularly accepted new government will probably include groups that are not considered friendly to U.S. interests, and was a signal that the White House is prepared for that probability after 30 years of reliable relations with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Good luck with that. 

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