MOUSE: Meet Jason Calacanis, Help City Schools

Want to feel good about yourself? Want to rub shoulders with Silicon Alley celebs? Want to do both at the same time?

Then buy a ticket to next Tuesday’s MOUSE gala, which will celebrate the non-profit’s 10th anniversary. MOUSE promotes technology in city schools, in part by training kids to become IT pros. We consistently hear good things about the charity, and we can report that at least one NYC school principal — our brother-in-law — is a huge fan of the program.

If altruism doesn’t do it for you, perhaps networking will: The program includes One Laptop Per Child’s Nicholas Negroponte, Citi CIO Marv Adams and UBS CEO Teresa Ressel, and Jason Calacanis and Fred Wilson are among the luminaries on the guest list.

You can buy tickets here; if price is an issue, we hear the lowest-priced tickets ($250 per head) are available for non-educators as well.

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