Meet The 32-Year-Old Hedge Fund Manager Trying To Be The Next Dan Loeb One Tweet At A Time

Sahm Adrangi

New York Magazine’s Kevin Roose
has a great profile of
Sahm Adrangi, the 32-year-old hedge fund up-and-comer.
Adrangi made “a couple million” in 2011 shorting U.S.-listed Chinese companies, and now his fund has $US250 million in assets under management.

That’s not a monster figure, but considering Adrangi’s age it’s pretty impressive. It’s also reminiscent of Adrangi’s idol, Dan Loeb, another hedge funder who started off young.

Adrangi’s distinguishing characteristics may be his Twitter presence. His firm Kerrisdale Capital often tweets its positions, a move now echoed by more prominent hedge fund managers like Carl Icahn. From New York Magazine:

Adrangi is curious. His approach tends to be more circumspect, more Canadian than an Icahn-style fireworks display. But he likes the brash nature of activist investing, the name-calling, the swagger-as-business-strategy approach. And though his professional demeanor is polished, he’s still capable, in person, at least, of talking in Wall Street trader vernacular. People whose ideas he likes are “the man.” People he disagrees with are “delusional” or “full-on retarded.” He’s been rewatching the YouTube video of a splenetic CNBC fight between Icahn and Ackman over nutrition-products company Herbalife­. (Icahn called Ackman a “major loser.”) Adrangi took a small stake in Herbalife — choosing Icahn’s long thesis over Ackman’s short — a shrewd move that got him name-checked in a Vanity Fair article about the episode.

Keep an eye on Adrangi.

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