Google's Quiet Re-org


It might be too much to say Google’s advertising business is going through a Yahoo-esque “re-org,” but there’s certainly been a lot of chair-shuffling as of late.

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One source describes the company’s ad operations as “pretty fragmented” and it’s not hard to see why:

  • Longtime global sales boss Omid Kordestani moved to an advisory role.
  • Former president of international operations Nikesh Arora took the job.
  • Top US salesman Tim Armstrong quit to be AOL CEO.
  • Europe sales topper Dennis Woodside vacated his job to replace Tim.
  • Then Tim poached VP of Americas Jeff Levick to run AOL’s global ad sales.
  • Finally, Henrique De Castro will take over Google’s display advertising business now that former DoubleClick CEO David Rosenblatt is leaving.

The changes leave Google (GOOG) with a more analytical, data-driven set of managers running its ad business.

In one sense, the shakeout isn’t over. While everyone may know their new job titles, but not what their new job responsibilities are.

This is particularly the case for Joan Braddi — who owns Google’s relationships with AOL and IAC — and new display boss Henrique De Castro, whom we’ve heard described as an “incredibly smart, high IQ type,” that is “not a good manager or people person or leader.” Henrique’s big advantage in any wrangling for responsibility will be that he’s one of new global ad boss Nikesh Arora’s favourites.

Almost no matter the outcome, Henrique’s new role is his most high-profile yet, so it’s worth spending some time getting to know him.

Here is his LinkedIn profile, a handy Kosmix overview, and below, a clip from a recent panel appearence:

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