Meet Fani Titi, The 12th Most Popular Person On Wall Street Today

Fani Titi

Great news: someone named Fani Titi just got promoted and now, he’s one of the most-searched people on Bloomberg.47-year old Titi seems to be a pretty big deal in South Africa. He made the cover of the Financial Mail magazine, which called him a “Corporate Kingpin” with the midas touch, and he’s on the board of several companies down there.

But clearly, he’s not one of the most-searched person on Bloomberg today because he just got promoted.

You’ve probably never heard of the company Titi just became a co-chairman of, Investec (Investec, by the way, is a South African financial services company and international FTSE100 specialist bank and asset manager).

But there Fani Titi is, listed as the #12 most popular person on Bloomberg’s MVP list today.

And we suspect he might in the future wind up on the list of best Bloomberg Names >

(His name is at least funnier than #24 John Kokkinias, in our opinion.)

The “real” news is that Hugh Herman, the company’s former chairman retired. And Titi and Sir David Prosser are the new chairmen.

And of course, more people are considering South Africa a viable country to invest in (though the Egypt riots are a concern) so there’s another reason to keep him on your radar.

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