Meet Facebook's (Soon-To-Be) Billionaires

Eduardo SaverinNo longer involved with the company, Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin owns a whopping 5% of Facebook

Update: In the 7 or so months since we first published this story, Facebook’s market cap has more than doubled, and reached $50 billion.Click here for an updated the list of Facebook’s billionaires and soon-to-be billionaires >>

Earlier: Last we looked at the private markets where Facebook stock is traded, the company had an implied valuation of well over $22 billion.

That means lots of Facebook employees, ex-employees, investors and other stakeholders are, on paper, wealthy enough that their children and their children’s children will never have to work.

And when Facebook finally IPOs sometime in 2011 or 2012, that paper wealth is going turn into spendable cash.

Hello, yachts and huge houses!

But who at Facebook owns how much stock?

In his upcoming, brilliantly-reported, must-have-if-you-care-about-business book, The Facebook Effect, Fortune editor David Kirkpatrick solves the mystery.

Mark Zuckerberg owns 24% of Facebook, worth $5.3 billion.

Accel Partners owns 10% of Facebook, worth $2.2 billion

Digital Sky Technologies owns 10% of Facebook, worth $2.2 billion

Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz, no longer with the company, owns 6%, worth $1.3 billion

Eduardo Saverin, a Facebook cofounder who once sued the company, owns 5%, worth $1.1 billion

Former Facebook president Sean Parker, fired over a drug arrest, owns 4 per cent, worth $880 million

Facebook's first outside investor, Peter Thiel, owns 3%, worth $660 million

Greylock Partners has ~1.5%, worth $330 million

Meritech Capital Ventures owns ~1.5%, worth $330 million

Microsoft owns 1.3% of Facebook, worth $286 million

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing owns .75% of Facebook, worth $165 million

Giant ad agency Interpublic Group owns just less than .5%, worth $110 million

Early employees Adam D'Angelo, Matt Cohler, Jeff Rothschild, Chris Hughes and Owen Van Natta own less than 1%

Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman, Facebook angel investors, and owners of an important social networking patent, own a chunk of Facebook stock

Western Technology Investments, which loaned Facebook $3.6 million during its early days, also bought $25,000 worth of equity in its first funding round

Facebook employees and investors coming in through secondary markets own the rest

Amazing details, right?

Go buy David Kirkpatrick's brilliantly-reported, fast-paced book, The Facebook Effect -- now!

Now meet all the companies that wish THEY could own Facebook

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