Meet Bruce Wasserstein’s Secret Asian Bride


Update 10/14: Bruce Wasserstein has died.


Yesterday Page Six reported the Lazard CEO Bruce Wasserstein had secretly been married in a ceremony a few weeks ago. The identity of his bride, his fourth wife, was shrouded in mystery. She was always described as a “much younger Asian woman.”

Now our friends at Cityfile have unwrapped the Asian conundrum. She is Angela Chao, according to a “reliable source” who spoke to Cityfile.

Six quick facts about Angela:

  • She’s the younger sister of Elaine Chao, who served as labour Secretary in the Bush administration.
  • She is…gasp…a Republican! She’s given over $60,000 in political contributions to the GOP since 2000.
  • Chao is 35, which isn’t quite as young as you might have expected from the “young Asian woman” tag. Although it is 26 years younger than Bruce.
  • Chao worked in Smith Barney’s investment banking division.
  • She’s an heiress. He father runs the Foremost Group, which has interests in shipping, international trade and finance. Chao works there now.
  • Chao graduated from Harvard Business School.