Meet AOL's New Sales Boss, Ned Brody

Ned Brody

CEO Tim Armstrong just made Ned Brody AOL’s new ad sales boss.

We’ve heard him described as “smart” and “ambitious,” but probably the most important thing to know about Ned is what he is not: an ex-Googler.

He’s also not based in New York, but Dulles.

He is a Time Warner veteran who re-joined AOL in 2009.

He ran AOL’s paid services group for a while. There, he developed a bunch of products intended to convince people who didn’t need AOL for dial-up to keep paying some kind of subscription. SafeSocial, for example.

In October 2010, Brody was promoted to “COO of Media, Advertising and Commerce and President of Paid Services.” This put in charge of, ADTECH, 5Min, Pictela, Seed, and StudioNow. 

The promotion vaulted him into parity with two ex-Googlers – Jeff Levick in sales and David Eun in audience development and media.

Then AOL acquired the Huffington Post,and Brody’s oversight of media went to Arianna Huffington. That left a talented executive with too little to do. Levick, who some say was never suited for the job of ad sales boss, paid the price.

Before re-joining AOL, Brody was CEO of company he founded called ARPU, Inc. Here’s how he describes the company on LinkedIn:

“ARPU, Inc. is an advertising technology company that leverages permission-granted consumer data resident at a publisher to facilitate an on-line transaction. ARPU can, for example, link an advertisement to billing information at a publisher (e.g. ISP) to enable a 1-click purchase of the advertised product. Clients include AOL, Dell, McAfee, LendingTree, Blockbuster Online, etc.”

During his first tour with AOL, between 2003 and 2005, Brody was SVP of premium services.  Before that, he was CFO at LookSmart.

After going to Wharton for graduate and undergraduate school, Brody took a job at Mercer consulting.

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