Meet Another Person Who Won't Run MySpace Music: BigChampagne CEO Eric Garland

Last we heard, MySpace was planning on launching its Music site in September. And last we heard, MySpace execs still haven’t been able to land a CEO for the company, which is a joint venture with three of the four big music labels.

That could change soon — we hear they are in advanced talks with yet another candidate. But then again, they were supposedly close to landing a CEO earlier this spring, and that fell through.

Why has it been so hard to find someone to run a big, well-funded venture? Good question. We do know the MySpace team has talked to just about all of the usual suspects (TechCrunch ran a nice summary earlier this month). And we also know they’ve talked to at least one unusual suspect: Eric Garland, co-founder and CEO of media measurement company BigChampagne. We hear that MySpace execs (CEO Chris DeWolfe and COO Amit Kapur are heading up the exec search) talked with Eric multiple times last spring, before officially announcing the site. But we’re not sure how advanced talks ever became.

But the fact that they were willing to consider Eric, who doesn’t have a traditional music background — Eric hasn’t worked for a label or a content company; prior to starting up his firm, which tracks file-sharing data for music labels and movie studios, he had been a consultant at Towers Perrin — shows that the MySpace guys have been casting a wide net for this job. So far, though, they’ve come up empty.

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