Meet 19-Year-Old Wunderkind Sahil Lavingia Who Silicon Valley Showers With Money

Sahil Lavingia is only 19 but already has a solid reputation in the startup industry.

A college dropout who has lived around the world, Lavingia was the second employee and leading designer at Pinterest. In February, at the peak of the Pinterest craze, he left the company to start his own venture – Gumroad, which lets people sell anything they can share (like PayPal for social media.) 

Lavingia had no problem raising his goal funding round of $1 million. He did so in a few days without having an actual product. A few days ago, Gumroad announced it has raised $7 million Series A from Kleiner Perkins.

Check out highlights from a panel with Lavingia at Startup 2012 where he reveals his strategy for vetting investors and why being conservative about fundraising is good thing.



Produced by Robert Libetti

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