'Meeow!' Australian Prime Minister's Office Brings The Snark In Twitter Brawl

@PMOPressOffice is an official account run by staff at the office of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

@chriskenny is a conservative commentator and former Liberal Party adviser.

Today the two locked horns on Twitter over the planned Medicare levy increase that will fund the government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme. Then other tweeps (some conservative supporters of Kenny) started jumping in and the tone descended into snark, leaving some cringing at the exchange.

It included the PMO account asking Kenny: “Delusional, much?” Neither of the main players came out of it well — though on balance it’s probably more unbecoming for a debating line you’d expect in a Reese Witherspoon movie to come from an official account of the prime minister’s office.

Here are the key tweets from the conversation and some reaction.


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