Meebo: Revenue Tripling As Meebo Bar Reaches 165 Million Uniques

Seth Sternberg

[credit provider=”Mark Suster”]

Meebo’s “Meebo Bar” social sharing/messaging/ad platform is driving big growth at the company, CEO Seth Sternberg told us over coffee this morning.Some notes from our conversation:

  • Meebo’s U.S. reach is now 83 million uniques, per comScore, up more than double year-over-year. Worldwide uniques are now 165 million. It now reaches over 40% of the U.S. Internet audience.
  • Revenue is tripling year-over-year, just as it tripled last year. Meebo’s revenue will be in the tens of millions of dollars this year.
  • It has a couple hundred brand advertisers across all categories.
  • Meebo has been hiring a salesperson per week across the country. It now has 170 employees. Sternberg says the sales team, under chief revenue officer Carter Brokaw, is kicking butt.
  • The Meebo Bar ad unit has about a 1% click through rate. (Advertisers only pay when the ad is engaged.) Those who click spend 45-60 seconds looking at the ad.
  • Meebo is now the exclusive seller of Skype’s ad inventory in the U.S.
  • Meebo isn’t in a hurry to make an iPad version of its iPhone IM app. Bummer! But iPad apps are hard, so probably the right move, given that the company’s growth is coming from the Meebo Bar.
  • The company is now building a website “check-in” service on top of its existing platform. The idea is eventually to be able to recommend websites to you the way Amazon can recommend products or Pandora can recommend music, based on your web check-in history. It’s still in the early going, but Meebo’s hoping to be in the position to drive a lot of traffic to websites, which is a good position to be in.

So that’s what’s up with Meebo.

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