There's A New iPhone App That Can Help Protect You From STDs

Dr. Michael NusbaumDr. Michael Nusbaum

Photo: MedXCom

We don’t need to teach you the mechanics of safe sex, but we are intrigued by a new iPhone app that you might want to insert into the process.The app is called MedXSafe and it was created by Dr. Michael Nusbaum and his medical records company, MedXCom.

Here’s how it works:

  • You go to a doctor and get tested.
  • You download the app to your phone (iPhone or Android).
  • You have the doctor send your tests results to your phone via the MedXCom system. (The doctor would have to use MedXCom or be willing to register for it.)
  • Your would-be partner does the same.
  • You share your “STD FREE status” by bumping phones together. The app uses the popular Bump app tech to make that happen.

The folks at MedXCom say that there’s no way for someone to cheat and share a clean bill of health if they really don’t have one because only licensed health care providers can register for MedXCom.

MedXSafe is a feature of the free MedXCom app.

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