Medvedev: Demographic Crisis Is The Key Threat Facing Russia


President Dmitry Medvedev focused on demographics today in his annual address to the nation, according to Ria Novosti.

“In the next 15 years we will feel the effects of the demographic situation in the 1980s, when the birth rate was low,” he said. “It is a serious threat. It is a challenge to our nation.”

Medvedev proposed measures to reward families with three or more children, including tax breaks and plots of land to build houses. Additionally, he proposed measures to take care of Russia’s 130,000 orphans.

Russia has the 178th lowest birthrate in the world, with a population set to decline 13% over the next three decades, according to the UN.

Without a viable workforce, massive reserves of oil, commodities and farmland can only go so far, before Russia becomes another unbalanced petro-state.

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