RUSSIAN PRESIDENT MEDVEDEV: Can You Imagine If Obama and Hilary Competed?

obama medvedev

Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev has bizarrely compared himself and Vladimir Putin to American politics when questioned about the latter’s intent to stand in the next presidential election, reports the Guardian.

When questioned about whether there was a political rivalry between the two, Medvedev replied, “Can you imagine, for example, a situation where Barak Obama started competing with Hilary Clinton?”

Medvedev was seemingly unaware of the rivalry between the two in the build up to the 2008 presidential election. 

The remark came as Medvedev defended stepping down as president to make way for Putin to stand for re-election. He said he was happy to do so and that the current prime minister was the “more authoritative” politician with a higher approval rating.

Putin is more than likely to win the presidential election in March 2012 after announcing his candidacy this week. The New York Times also reported that Medvedev denied Putin’s candidacy took a voice away from Russia’s voters during the up coming elections.

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