Conflict In The Kremlin: Medvedev And Putin At War Over Russia Not Vetoing Libya Resolution

Vladamir Putin Arms

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has lashed out at Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over his comments on the UN’s Libya resolution.

Putin compared the resolution to “medieval calls for crusades” in comments made today.

From Bloomberg:

“Under Bill Clinton they bombed Yugoslavia and Belgrade. Bush sent troops into Afghanistan and under completely false pretenses, they sent troops to Iraq and liquidated the entire Iraqi leadership,” Putin said today on a visit to Votkinsk in the Volga region. “Now it’s Libya’s turn, under the pretext of protecting the civilian population.”

Now Medvedev has responded, saying he stands behind Russia’s decision not to veto the resolution. He has also called his prime minister’s comments “inadmissible.”

From Ria Novosti:

“It is absolutely inexcusable to use expressions that in effect lead to a clash of civilizations – such as ‘crusades,’ and so on – that is unacceptable,” Medvedev said.

Medvedev says his government doesn’t think the resolution is wrong, but says it also will not participate in any operations related to the UN agreement.

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