A medicinal kava company is listing on the ASX

Dean Purcell/Getty ImagesA traditional kava bowl
  • Fiji Kava plans to raise $5.2 million at 20 cents a share in an ASX IPO.
  • The medicinal kava company offers a plant based alternative for the ​treatment of anxiety, insomnia, stress and muscle tension​.
  • Kava is​ made from the ground roots of the plant Piper methysticum, which is a crop native to the South Pacific and traditionally consumed by Pacific Islanders for its relaxing effects.

Watch out medical marijuana. Kava is coming as the next alternative to treating stress.

An Australian company making Kava, a drink with euphoric effects made from the ground root of a plant only found in the South Pacific, is about to list on the ASX.

Fiji Kava plans to raise $5.2 million at 20 cents a share before listing on the ASX with an indicative market capitalisation of $13.7 million.

The only foreign company to be granted Fiji Government approval to operate in the kava industry wants to carve out a share of the global market for treating anxiety disorders, sleep deprivation, muscle tension and stress.

The company says medicinal kava offers a plant-based alternative for stress and anxiety treatment.

Kava is traditionally consumed as a tea by Pacific Islanders. The active ingredient, kavalactones, has been recognised as a natural alternative for treating anxiety.

Zane Yoshida, Founder and CEO of Fiji Kava, says he wants to bring the relaxing benefits of kava to the world.

“I’ve benefited from growing up with kava and I’m now in a position where we can farm and regulate our kava production to produce products for the global market,” he says.

“We are taking this a step further with the proprietary profiling of specific kava cultivars with specific chemotype and kavalactone profiles to target anxiety, stress, insomnia, and muscle relaxation.

“We want to provide a natural remedy to people that are increasingly stressed and exhausted. We truly believe this is the answer.”

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