MediaShift Source: SAI Editor Caused The Bubble

We are proud to report that our editor is now considered a more influential figure in the historic stock market boom of the late 1990s than Bill Clinton, Abby Joseph Cohen, Robert Rubin, Jim Cramer, CNBC, Wall Street, millions of global traders, Alan Greenspan, and the heads of the G7 combined.  In fact, according to a source quoted in Mark Glaser’s latest MediaShift Q&A, Henry Blodget singlehandedly “caused the bubble!”  We SAI-ers are proud, indeed.

(And, yes, Mark’s thoughtful questions do give him a chance to once again experience the absurdity of writing about himself in the third person–which he is apparently coming to enjoy…).  MediaShift Q&A


“I’m tired of this Greenspan fellow taking credit for driving the NASDAQ to 5,000…  That was me!”