Median Household Income Rorschach Test: The Chart That May Decide The Election

As the presidential election nears, rhetoric on how to solve the country’s economic woes is dominating the political conversation. However, persuading the American people of the economy’s recent relative strength (if you’re John McCain) or weakness (if you’re Barack Obama) is just as vital.

And the Census Bureau has just given fodder to both Democrats and Republicans in the form of a Median Household Income chart:

Do you see a stagnant Republic-led economy with income median income lower in 2007 than in 2000?

Or do you see a post-9/11, 3 year-long resurgence from 2005-2007?

Whoever can better spin that chart to the average voter may win. Luckily for John McCain, 2008 data isn’t on this chart. Luckily for Barack Obama, most Americans can probably guess where it’s going.

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